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What Could Have Been


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This loss really stings, but looking at what could have been stings more.

We SHOULD have won this game, no doubt, leaving us at 3-5 heading into the beloved bye.

Panthers Lose - 3-4-1

'Aints likely to lose tonight - 2-6

They play each other next Thursday, 'Aints win.

Then all of a sudden heading into week 10.

Falcons 3-5

Panthers 3-5-1

'Aints 3-6.

Then now week 10, we take care of Tampa, and now we are 4-5 and sitting pretty.

This really pisses me off.

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Guest facelessman07

Getting to the playoffs wouldn't even matter. We'd be eliminated in the first round

Best to start evaluating your younger talent and look forward to a high draft pick

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Saints remaining schedule is super tough.

GB is a loss.

@ Carolina is probably a loss.

VS San Fran is probably a loss.

****, even the Bengals could come in and beat them.

And then the Ravens..

Then AT Pittsburgh

Then Car again..which would be a W.

then @ Chicago..

Vs Us.

@ Tampa - win.

I see about 6-7 games that they could flat out lose.

Panthers tough games remaining are

@ Phi

even the @ Minnesota might be tough for them.

and @N.O

maybe the Browns game..


They have more winnable games than the Saints, easily.

our remaining

@Buccs - Winnable

@Panthers - Winnable

Browns - Winnable

Cardinals - Winnable, even though Ryan will throw a lot of picks :P

@ GB - Should be a loss.

Steelers - Winnable

@ N.O - Winnable, probably not though

Car - Winnable.

I haven't fully given up, yet. . due to the division. I mean ****, if we go 6-10 and make the playoffs, I'd take it if we get a Lombardi. Idgaf what the record is in the regular season. A team can get motivated, and get hot..Maybe not a team coached by Mike Smith..but :/

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If you want to get really technical, we still control our own destiny in this god-awful division. We already hold two division wins and have four games remaining.

But after today, I honestly don't know that we win another game period, much less another division game.

I know, but **** we could be looking good right now, and this team flat out doesnt want it

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