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This One's On Me, Guys...


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The game kicked off at 9:30 this morning. I was getting ready to head to church and preach. I paid no attention to the game until I started to head to lunch. At that point, the Falcons were up 8 with 5 minutes to go. In the 3 minutes (real time, not game time) it took me to get from the church to KFC, the Lions scored a TD just as I pulled into the parking space. When I exited the car and stopped listening, they missed the two point-conversion. After our group ordered, I sat down at the table and pulled up ESPN's GameCenter coverage on my phone. At that point, the Falcons failed to run out the clock, and the Lions took it the length of the field to kick the game-winner.

Clearly, things were under control when I wasn't following the game, and things went severely south when I did. I shouldn't have tuned in. Please accept my humblest and sincerest apologies. I have failed this team and this fanbase. tongue.png

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