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New coaching staff for one. This staff seems to be making many bonehead decisions. FA & draft: O Lineman O Lineman O lineman pass rusher pass rusher pass rusher O Lineman pass rusher...etc...You get the picture. They must get a solid O line with depth before Ryan, Julio, Roddy, Harry, AS, DF and Quizz can do anything. Translated... no Oline no offense. We can see that now. No pass rush...no defense, QB has all day to throw the ball translated...tons of points given up. We can see that now also. Dam, getting better isn't rocket science, just do it for heaven's sake. Address issues you haven't done either at all or incompletely. Yes, they started...with Jake and Jon, but that was just a start, much more needs to be done. You can never completely address all weaknesses, but they have to start with Oline and some Oline depth, and a couple of good pass rushers. Sure there's other needs (a cpl of good LBs and safeties), but If they JUST did that, this team would be immensely better.

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