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How Do You Blow A 21-0 Lead With Megatron, Fauria, Bush, Ebron, And Petigrew Out!

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This game was theres to lose. Even Wes Durham and Dave Archer look pissed.

This team is about to get blown up in the offseason.

Oh btw we are suppose to give a 100mil contract to Julio after he drops another potential first down?

Chile Please(Ochocinco voice)

I definitely would not sign Julio to a big deal this offseason at this rate. He has done nothing to deserve it since the first few weeks of the season. I feel very silly for spending my 1st round pick in fantasy on him... my #3 WR (Kelvin Benjamin) is outperforming him at this point.

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You really don't have to overanalyze this guys.

This is a Mike Smith football team.

If blowing a 21 pt lead at halftime surprises you, you haven't been watching the Falcons play football the past few years. At all.

1:21 to go before halftime, and the Falcons run it and punt it away. All you need to know about how this team plays with leads.

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How does this blown lead rank to you Falcons Range? Today, 2012 NFCCG, and Seattle Playoff Game?

I don't even know anymore. It's a culmination of all of it that points squarely to coaching as the problem. It keeps,happening over and over regardless of other things changing. It's on mike smith. He's just passive guy in real life and in his coaching life. Haven't liked him as a head coach for years now because of these issues.

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