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This Week's Game In Four Words And Advice For 2015


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We will get destroyed

I know that's not a big news flash, but we need to start retooling and working on next year. We can't try and win the NFC South. The entire division is bad.

We have to throw this season away and start working on the future. The rest of the season will be good to get players some experience, but we do not have a team that can compete for a SB, let alone a Wild Card game. We are bad. Really bad.

No O line. No D line. No D really. No running game.

That leaves a QB and receivers. Not a formula for success.

I love my Falcons and will conitnue to do so. I'm just realistic.

Going against a team this week (I hate saying that because with our team like it is right now, I don't see us beating the Jags) that has a hella pass rush....well....that's all they need. I honestly thought earlier this week that Detroit would set a record for sacks. Someboday can against our line and our play calling. That's really all that needs to be said about this week. Our O will get destroyed and even a mediocre offense can work our Defense.

This year is done. Give people the experience to make them better and realize who won't get it done in the future and please please please get rid of them instead of keeping them for 4-5 years before deciding they aren't going to work out.

Frustrated as always....

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I disagree with you when you say this team has no shot at winning the division and should tank the season now. As bad as we are right now, we're still only 2 games back from the division lead and if Carolina and New Orleans continue their downward spiral that opens up the door for us if we can manage to win sunday. I don't necessarily think Coach Smith should pull all of his starters out of the game because he knows the season is over. He would be admitting defeat if he did that. He wouldn't even make it back to America if he did that. Although I do admit that I think our season is over and we are playing for job security at this point, there is no way am I hoping for this team to pull the plug and try again next year.

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I will be up and staring at the conflagration through the calming, blurry prism of the bottom of a shot glass.

It's kinda funny. Sundays are my sleep in days where i catch up. It's gonna be rough. Already having ideas of watching football in bed wearing my pajamas and drinking beer. I am kind of excited about the idea of beer in bed. :mmmhmm:

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