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Tony Gonzalez: "i've Played 17 Years With Some Great Qbs, But Never A Hall Of Famer"

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OK. yes it was a **** move by Tony to say that. but at this point in time he is right.

Can Ryan be a Hall of Famer one day? Yea. but he's gonna need a Line first. If he don't get that. His numbers as they are today are not HOF worthy & without protection They won't get there

Why look at it negatively, he did say he played with some great Qbs.

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I think Matt is a great QB, likely the best in Falcons history. But at this point in his career he has come nowhere close to earning a spot in the hall of fame. Give him an average O-line and an average Defense and I think that changes quickly.

Not one person in this thread so far has said that Tony's wrong. Where are all these delusional fans?

Ignore the simpleton.

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During pregame show interview with Julius Thomas, Tony said this. I heard this last night, and was surprised no one brought it up on the boards, but 92.9 is eating him alive for saying this. Wonder how Matt feels hearing that?

Would you call Matt Ryan a future HOF?? Remember that he would be compared to the likes of Manning, Brady, Brees

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