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Big Win At Wembley - Turnaround Starts This Week.


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I believe this is the turnaround week and watch out for the rest of the season. Confidence and that winning expectation will be back to 2012 levels.

This is a solid team with solid coaches and a overall solid organization from top to bottom.

Yeah I think the Lions are definitely going to bounce back this week

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I think that it all falls on the offensive line. If our rag-tag group can develop some cohesiveness and just be average, then we can win this week. The Lions have not been scoring many points and are without Bush and Megatron. But I don't know if the OL can even be average. Hopefully this week of being together 24/7 will give them a chance to all bond and really step things up in terms of operating as a single unit. I just wish the players were better. Carimi has been knocked on his *** seemingly every third play.

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Guest facelessman07

I'll be looking forward to this thread getting bumped around noon EST Sunday

There will be no "turning around" of any sort, except for us turning around our embarrassed aces back to the states

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As discouraged as I am about the season, and as much as I'm thinking about next year, with another years worth of high draft picks, and better coaching, a little luck about Oline injuries, I understand how the OP feels. There is the part of me that's going:

You know, if they could slip by Detroit, then win at Tampa & Carolina, they'd be right back in this thing. Then, if the Oline got healthy [Matthew/Blalock] and if they gelled well, and if they played Freeman & Smith instead of SJax, if White and Jones and HD and Hester beasted the rest of the year and if they'd bench Biermann and if they'd drop the nonsense D schemes that just are NOT working and put in the young guys in a more basic D more concerned with tackling and filling gaps than confusing the opponent and if Hageman flipped that switch into beastmode and Shembo and Southward do the same, If smith would get his timeout and 4th down calls right....

Sigh, gonna be a long rest of the season....

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We will win and the OPPORTUNITY for the turn around will be here. I just hope TD and MS realize we were on the brink and understand and do things different and give some other guys and thoughts a chance.

I'm hoping the Oline that practiced as starters all finish the game and HD is back and effective enough to loosen things up for RW/JJ/DH...we might have a chance.

KB is the only thing really pissing me off...minutes have to get cut.

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29. The Falcons can turnaround this season.

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Truth is I think we do have a shot at winning. I'd still say we lose if forced to bet $ on it though but this team and staff are probably going to come with one of the best gameplans/efforts we've seen in weeks bsed on the fact that they know they're probably going to be looking for work or let go under a new regime.

Ultimately though I think this staff fails to make the necessary adjustments again and we drop a closer game. 28-24.

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