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My Choices For Hc

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No NFL coaches, current or former, who have a losing record or have won a Super Bowl. I know that sounds contradictroy, but their champion's hunger is probably not as strong, and duplicating that success does not usually happen.

No coordinators from teams that have had no run of success or championships. We tried that already.

No college coaches who have zero NFL experience. There are a couple of successful ones, Jimmy Johnson being the best, Harbaugh less so, but as a rule college coaches do not do well on their first run in the NFL.

Who do I prefer?

Coordinators who have run the offense or defense on a team with consistent competitiveness including Super Bowl championships,

College coaches who have NFL experience and have run a very successful college program including national championships. This can include college coaches that have already tried coaching in the NFL, but did poorly, ala Pete Carroll. Successful college coaches who have NFL experience, even bad experience, are more apt to be successful using what they learned from their first go around in the NFL.


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Dan Mullen is another guy we should consider... Dude made Miss. State football relevant again. They are my pick to win the National Championship this year. He has 42-28 record there in 6 years... We HAVE to bring him and his staff in for a interview. If we hire him, I could probably tolerate TD for another draft.


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