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The Game After Playing The Falcons

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Here's how you know our defense is bad. We have been making average (at best) teams look like world beaters.

Week 4 @ Minnesota, we make rookie Bridgewater look like Warren Moon in his prime. And even without Peterson, Asiata and McKinnon gashed us for huge yards and J Wright looked like Randy Moss. The following week, Minnesota struggles (sure, they started Ponder at QB), they put up 10 vs Green Bay.

Week 5 @NY Giants. Even with a 20-10 lead, we give up 20 consecutive points to a team that is maybe 3rd best in their own division. And as proof of that, the following week the Giants were shutout by Eagles.

Week 6 Chicago comes to town and it looks like we are playing 8 defensive guys against their 13. Cutler was Montana, Jeffrey and Marshall was Rice and Taylor. Did what they want, when they wanted. Following week The Bears are argueing with each other after the game against the Dolphins where they put up a dud and only 14 points.

My point is, if you want to get well and pad your stats, play us.

You need to lobby for a new contract? Put on your tape against us.

I'm tired of seeing average teams look like the Denver Broncos against us.

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That's why I said the season was over after the Vikings game. We'll never hear from these guys like Jarius Wright, McKinnon and Asiata again.

Everything we're seeing is just a HUGE INDICTMENT on this regime. Draft picks and free agents not having an impact, continuing to get blown out. There are NO MORE excuses for anyone at Flowery Branch.

Randy Cross (who I rarely listen to) made a good point about significant changes being made after London and if nothing is changed then something is very wrong with the organization. I'm not saying Smitty will be fired, etc. but expect to hear some kind of announcement or Nolan being "relieved" of playcalling duties, more guys being benched, etc.

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