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Pickin On Florida


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I truly hope we can beat Florida next week...cause this is some crow that would taste really bad....I was up too early yesterday morning and wrote this and posted it on another board I frequent. I felt it too good to not share.

Hogtown Fire

In Hogtown there burns a fire

And it burns ever so brightly

and the smoke that rises from the embers there

carry a scent into the air.

the blue smoke rises and swirls about

it reeks of gator

make no doubt.

the cook he stands and turns the spit

he is named young William

and the throngs,

they beg for him to quit!

the fires they are a burning higher

making music

like a choir.

so please do tell me, handsome Will...

how much longer dost thou roast

the ragged lizard

on the coast?

aye my friends to the south who live

dressed in jorts and a chomp to give

this son of Georgia we do pray,

never is to go away.

In Hogtown there burns a fire

And ever so brightly, it burns.

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