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The Falcons Just Have 4Th Rate Talent

Bring It

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On BOTH lines of scrimmage, O & D, the level of talent just isn't there to play in the NFL.

You can blame Smitty & staff, question his motivation skills, debate schemes until the cows come home but at the end of the day the TALENT is NOT there. Period.

You can't compete in the Indy 500 driving a Toyota Camry.

Is TD then to blame ?? Unless Smitty & staff sign the roster players I guess he is. TD must have a distorted view of what REAL NFL talent looks like.........at least in a Falcon uniform.

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Losing 6 members of the OL will cause you to have 4th rate talent because that is literally what it is.

Yup...........whatever the reasons...........injuries, demotions, or jay walking in Times Square.........no matter............they are HOPELESSLY without talent in the trenches.

Like...........Z E R O talent.

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