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Blank Please Make The Firings During The Season And Make It Clear No Ones Job Is Safe


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Not going to happen, guys!

Blank sat through the Vick Broken leg drama, the Mora Drama of wishing he could get the Washington College Job, and the Petrino nightmare...never once firing anyone midseason.

It is not Blank's style nor is it Smith's intent to quit midseason so unless someone says or does something stupid, or quits like Reeves and Petrino before season's end, just take a nice, long nap and I'll wake you in January.

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I think it happens for sure after the London game. You gain nothing keeping Smith, the team will continue to be what you see.

If you appoint someone as interim, you can at least see if the team plays for that coach. If they don't, then you didn't lose anything. If they do, then maybe you find your coaching answer internally

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