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Most Damning Stat About Falcons

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That's not telling at all. Today's loss was completely on the offense.

The offense's numbers are inflated because of 2 games.

We have 1 touchdown for 3 straight games, that's AWFUL

take away Antone Smith and the offense is absolutely horrid. Yet people want to pick on the defense? They kept us in every game. This offense is a joke.

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Agree. The defense actually looked pretty respectable today

every defense in the league would be tired playing with this Offense. 3 and outs all day long. Then maybe Antone breaks one open, then 3 and outs again. We beat a bad Bucs team and everyone thinks we are the greatest show on turf. We barely beat a just as bad as us Saints team too.

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It really does all seem to come down to Hawley and Douglas. Losing both of them turned us from a Top 2 offense into a Bottom 2 offense. It's incredible.

Been listening on the radio haven't watched much on tv so I'm wondering if they've abandoned the 4 receiver set.

Though it seems matt is immediately under pressure so I guess it's hopeless to try. I like to see him throw martino in there though and give it a shot.

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