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What About Jim Harbaugh?


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If Smith gets sent packing, what do you think about Jim Harbaugh taking over? Rex Ryan seems like a silly man to me. Im sure he is a good head coach and it would be a different story if he had the talent behind him in ATL as opposed to what he has in NY but he would be better served as a Defensive Coach. Harbaugh seems to have the intensity and GRIT that would be great in ATL. I have no idea if he would even be an option but i have heard discussions about how he is not favored in SF (by the players). In would rather have a coach that cared more about getting the best out of his team and winning games than being their buddies! I also think (or hope anyway) that ATL players would want the same, i know Roddy (and others) is dying to win a SB and i bet he would get behind a man that could take ATL there even if he wasn't the nicest guy. Now I'm sure TD would rather have a cordial comrade than a head-strong hector but somehow IF he stays and Smith goes he should now that he will be out next. This team has been pampered to long! Time to TFU(Tough the F Up). Lets bring in a General, get rid of the Mommy, and maybe give the Clown a DC job.

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I personally can't stand the guy, but his record is his record.

However the fact that his own players hate him speaks volumes to me as to why we should not bring him here.

I agree somewhat, but there is a flip side to that as well. We have seen many coaches sink because they are too player friendly, to the point that players seem to coast. With the understanding that today's players are spoiled and babied, the old Lombardi or Ditka approach will not fly anymore, despite the fact that players of today, more than ever before, seem to need discipline and firm boundaries. The reality, I know, is that Harbaugh's style appears old school and not acceptable to newer generations of players, yet there has to be a middle ground somewhere.

Personally, I have taken much more crap at work for a whole lot less than these guys get paid, so I think the 49ers' players should stop their crying. As for the Falcons, I think they have had all the player friendly coaches they can stand. Maybe getting somebody like Harbaugh to bring some old school coaching to the team would not be all that bad.

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