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The Book Has Been Written


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The blueprint is out, and every future opponent has a copy. The way to beat a high powered, finesse offense, is to beat them up. The Falcons were proven to be soft by the Bears. And there was nothing they could do about it.

The one shot on TV that summed it up, was Matt Ryan getting up from the turf after being sacked, and his jersey was twisted and knotted up as if he had just got his butt kicked. And the same thing happened to our receivers, they were smacked hard, all game long, and didn't rise to the challenge. I hope I'm wrong and these guys play the rest of the season with a bad attitude, but I'm not sure that it's in them. We will see.

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The Falcons are so soft they just installed pink bubble wrap in the locker room so they would be more comfortable. Next up they will install padding on the sideline to make them softer while they are not in the game. This is also in hope they can stop more of the foot injuries the Falcons have had. Mike Smith has also now banned all high fives and fist pumps or any such action to minimize non-football injuries.

For the defense, now only finger pointing red faces and sticking your tongue out at the opposing team is allowed. Tackling has been forbidden and in no circumstance should any Falcons player come close to touching the other teams QB. DBs are to run around in the backfield in an attempt to confuse the opposing QBs. No need to cover them anymore it will help you get off the field when they score anyway. That lessons the chance of injury as well.

On Offense, only touch the opposing lineman. Anyone seen with hand contact longer than 1.5 seconds will receive a flag throw by the officials. Any WR that catches the ball down field will be subject to getting his head knocked off as fast as possible. So to help keep them from injury they must only touch the ball and let it fall. You could also break a nail if you try and catch that dang hard ball.

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