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Our Defense Is So Much Worse Than Your Defense.


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I looked it up, our defense is #10 wtf. Defense in general seem suck this year.

Defenses are slowly getting neutered each year. They do it piece by piece so the backlash isn't too great then, before you realize it, you've got guys like Kyle Orton throwing for 5,00 yards 35 tds and 2 Ints. That's where they're are heading with this sort of thing. Think about a guy like Watt in the late 90s/early 2000s. QBs would HATE facing a team like Houston because of the numerous hits they would've taken. Now, they know he'll only go for the clean, legal hit that won't be so bad or otherwise get penalized. The NFL's product is quickly becoming one of high powered offense against a very castrated defense.

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