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As An Out Of State Falcon Fan

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after the 2-4 start and mostly because of the defense, this team isn't worth my time or money anymore this season.

DONT GET ME WRONG I am a falcon fan for life and if the falcons were on locally here like in my home town i would still watch every Sunday and root for a win even we were 0-15 and that 1 win made us lose the 1st over all draft pick.

But what I have seen from a so called "professional defense" the past 6 weeks is not worth the hassel anymore.

In order for me to watch ATL play i have to either go to the sports bar, st ream the game on line with poor quality, or pay for NFL Sunday Ticket.

I probably won't watch another Falcon game until the Monday Night game against Green Bay bc it will be on locally and i will be excited and still root for the Falcons. I had Sunday Ticket in 2010 and that season it was worth it.

That being said, with the product i'm getting this year, i have no more reason to spend 40 bucks in the sports bar or watch a defense perform with the same quality as the st ream im watching it on when i can be spending my Sunday going to the gym or doing something productive.

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