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Question To Fans About Players After A Loss


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Yesterday, immediately following the Seahawks loss to the Cowboys, (something like only their 2nd home loss in 3 years), the camera panned to Marshawn "I'm Bout Dat Action Boss" Lynch and he was laughing wildly, over the top. I guess in an effort to show how much this loss doesn't bother him.

If you saw this from a member on your team after a loss, how would you as a fan feel? Would it bother you at all? Would you literally think nothing of it?


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What he's trying to express is:

The score is 20-20 and yal mother ******* abandoned the run. That's what yal ******* get.

With the score 20-20 going into the 4th, seattle went 9 passes to 5 runs

With the score 27-23, Seattle went 3 passes to 0 run

With the score 30-23, Seattle went 2 passes to 0 run

So in in a full quarter, they threw it 14 times net 47 yards. 5 Lynch runs net 15 yards.

They should have kept the defense honest.

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just talking about the topic reminds me of the Aaron Brooks / Haslett days when Aaron Brooks would make an open field lateral to the numbers painted on the field and start telling jokes on his way back to the sideline.

As a fan. to me it's one thing if youre getting taken to the house, and you're trying to keep spirits up. but it just feels like (from a fan's perspective) that theres a lack of focus. I want to see a fire in someone's eyes when they take the field down 1-2 scores with 6-8 minutes left, because that game is winnable with the correction of mental errors.

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