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Gritz Artwork-Smitty's Press Conferences

Guest Gritz

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Sparks were flying on the Wacom tablet, no doubt!

Great job!

Says I'm out of "likes" for the day already. It's a conspiracy!

I owe you one brother of mine...

You know how it is better than anyone when that spark of an idea hits you...you HAVE TO draw it out.

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I think you're being too hard on Smitty. For it to actually be propaganda he would have to not believe what he's saying.

He actually believes all that stuff he spouts.


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Gritz and Supes are the best! very talented - funny as h3LL. Great job, Gritz!

Thanks dawg! We'd both rather be drawing celebratory artwork, but you play the hand that you're dealt.


Great Gritz

Thanks DOTB...
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Nice work , typical smitty says the same crap week after week . I'm so over seeing him spouting off at what he and these coach are going to do . If Atalanta exspects to fill the new stadium it's going to have to make changes and it starts with this Guy.

I unfortunately have to agree...and I say unfortunately because personally I really like Smith. He seems to be a really good guy...but that doesn't matter if he's a huge part of the reason this team is regressing.

And he is.

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and once again, by the time you post, I am out of likes for the day. what's up with that, why in the world do they limit the number of times we can hit like?

I ran out after about 4 "likes" this morning. I don't get it either. I like to thank everyone who visits one of my threads with a like.
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