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Over Our Last 21 Regular Season Games We Are...


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4 - 12 for the 2013 season and now we are 2 - 3 for the 2014 season. Yep, that makes us 6 -15 over our last 21 games. A 28.6 winning percentage. This is not a fluke. We are not a good enough football team on either side of the ball; playing or coaching. Tough calls and decidedly hard changes need to be made, and this is not a one year fix. So fellow "new" fans, welcome to the life of a true long-time Falcons Fan. There is always another game, another season and the Billie Whites Shoes Johnson catch to keep us smiling and remain as die-hard Falcon Fans; for life. Cheers...

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The sad part is it COULD have been a one season fix.....but the wrong choices were made, again. Jackson hasnt done much for our run defense, no pass rush at all, and no LB depth. Couple that with the inability toactually wrap up and complete a tackle, our defense is pathetic. The OL issues are depth issues, which is another result of bad choices....

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