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    • Yes: Tice could do it
    • Yes: Robiskie could do it
    • Yes: Koetter could do it
    • Yes: Nolan could do it
    • No, we are done for no matter who is coaching

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Why do we hang on to this guy. We could have won this 1. There is no excuses for the time management problem. If smith is done then just leave and don't drag our team deeper in the gutter.we r lacking some talent but today we fought back to take the lead and our kick should have come with 5 sec left. We r done with u so don't let the door hit u on the way out

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Our coach and GM are way past the point of no return! We need to hire a proven coach and give him complete control to hire and fire anyone and everyone. There is NO excuse for this. It goes on year after year, yeah we have a couple of "almost" years but then we are back to the same OL same OL. There is just no excuse. Arthur, if you aren't up to it.. sell the team to someone who is. Tired of this, weary...


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This is all on Blank now. It's so obvious to everyone that TD and Smith should be fired. Blank has to do it and there is no excuse or reason not to do it NOW

I completely agree. At this point, if blank does not act he should be held responsible. If you care about the team and the fans as you say you do, there is no way you let a coach back on the field after showing that level of incompetence and throwing a sure win away like that.

From where I sit, either smith intentionally screwed the falcons out of the win or he's so mentally screwed up he doesn't deserve to be on the field. Either way it's bad..real bad..and blank looks just as guilty if he doesn't do something.

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