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*** Official All Your Fire Smittiot Posts Thread ***

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    • Yes: Tice could do it
    • Yes: Robiskie could do it
    • Yes: Koetter could do it
    • Yes: Nolan could do it
    • No, we are done for no matter who is coaching

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For the first time in years I just didn't even care about our game. Sure, I was going to and have watched it. But I usually get excited/nervous before every game and today, it didn't happen for the first time.

I think I'm not alone and judging by the crowd noise, the season ticket holders gave their tickets up as well.

I think Blank comes to his senses and realizes it's not happening this year, and Smith hit the road by tomorrow

I wish, if he is going to fire Smith, it won't be until the bye.

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Hopefully. Just replace him with Koetter, Tice, or Nolan. It couldn't get worse at this point. It's clear he has lost these guys.

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we actually have the pieces to do it, and I am all for it for the first time.

Mike Tice would make a fine interim HC. He has experience and can motivate.

This will also draw the line for Nolan to get it done or get out. To be honest, I wouldnt mind sending Nolan out the door at the by as well.

I am sure as long as we remain close to the division leaders we will cross our fingers and hope it gets better. But this team doesnt even have a chance at 8-8. Are the Bucs even a gimme anymore?

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