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Who Needs To Go?

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Regardless how we finish, who do you think needs to go and why?

I say mike Smith. I tried sticking up for him. Pointed out how many games he won. But they've all be very close and down to the wire. I thought based off the saints game this year, that we learned to make adjustments after the second. But now I'm seeing some terrible calls. For instance, calling time outs with the ball in the Vikings hand and with less then 1:30 on the clock. Even calling a time out on 3 & 1. That's a big no no in the second. I could see it being the fourth and living on a prayer. But this in the second just was horrible.

My other reason is because of injuries. We tried blaming coaches. And even conditioning. But now i honestly feel mike is not enforcing it correctly. Plus if we win, he gives the players and extra day off. And it seems the biggest injuries come after wins. Perhaps it people not conditioning and eating Cheetos on their day off..... This is mikes fault for this.

Some say td should go. But i think we all know this team has talent. And it's not being used. Therefore td stays.

Time for biermann to go. I tried sticking up for him. Even tried the excuse of an injury. But his performance is horrible. Even when he drops back. He can't cover worth a crap.

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