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Awesome Observation From Yesterdays Game-


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So I am sitting and watching the game with my brother and nephew. My nephew points out why is #71 always the last man to come and just lay on people. I started paying more attention and #71 is always the last one to jump on the pile or make sure that player who is already down does not move.

The sad piece of this story is that my nephew is 7 years old.

Why the **** are we pushing Kroy to play? This guy is pure garbage and he is not the only one. The only reason Worrilow has so many tackles is because he makes them 15 yards from the scrimmage line.

To concentrate on the players and not focus on the person that believed they are good is horrible. TD is the main reason we are in this position right now. He can NOT find players unless he trades 2-5 picks to ensure he is the top player (Julio).

Who has Dimitroff drafted or signed in FA that has paid off?

  • Ray Edwards - won't comment
  • Solai - no desire to be playing football
  • Osi - why didnt we just keep Abraham and at least help him avoid DUI's
  • Tyson - I didnt notice him in 4 games yet.
  • Kroy - hahahahhaha. He needs to get on the reality show with his wife.

I am sure i missed a few since I am beyond frustrated with this philosophy of drafting or signing some barbies.

People will blame it on injuries, but whatever. Thats why we have 53 man roster to cover those. Vikings didnt have the best running back in the league and yet they ran all over us. Some kid Wright had 20000 yards against us and in some occasions Biermann was man to man coverage with their slot WRs (good job Nolan).

We really need petition to get rid off TD, Kroy and send Worrilow to practice squad. Why not sign Arthur Brown from Ravens...

RIse up...

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