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Watching Game Right Now Because I Was On Nights Last Night.


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Currently about to hit halftime. So far i blame the loss on roddy white not being roddy white and our front seven. I cant blame this on nolan like some of you want but i believe our team lacks talent in the front seven on defense. Thats mostly on dimi and smith cuz u know smith does have a sliggt say in it bit its mostly dimi.

Roddy white is better than that i accept a bad game every now and then by anyone. But this defense is terribad... and i mean terribad. We almost have to cut the front seven and sign practice squad players to see if we can get better.

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Front seven? What seven is this you speak of?

I only saw a front 6 for most of the game, which is a huge problem. When you are getting gashed like we were, why would you continue to roll with only 2 LBs on the field?

Probably because we only have one lb doing anything and hes a rookie. Linebacker and ends are our weak points. And i mean really really weak. Right now i almost wanna give ray edwards a call. Biermann did make one move though on bridgewaters td run but thats it

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