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Fire Td For Not Signing Vickerson

cereal killer

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TD you need to be fired. You think you are so much smarter than everyone else. What you fail to understand is that you can't truly evaluate true talent. Not just how fast a guy can run or jump. But true natural heart. True Dawgs.

Kevin Vickerson is a true dawg. Man in the middle. A nasty SOB that won't take the kind of bullsh't that happened Sunday. He was there all you had to do was pickup the phone.

There are other guys out there that have the kind of fight you can't teach. It's embarrassing to watch Hageman play and that's what you give us. There are some real dawgs out there nasty hungry dawgs ready to eat.

You better start understanding how to truly evaluate talent because you are failing miserably.

Oh you can spot the Julios of the world but can you really see a dawg when he's looking you in the eye.

I took one look at Hageman and knew he was a joke. Brian Cox knows Hageman is a joke but he's trying to bring the dawg out of him. That boy nuts have dropped has far as they ever going to.

Lamar Holmes is a joke. Peter Konz is a joke. Kroy Biermann is a joke. Babs has talent but no real dawg in him he's a joke. The Cat you let walk had dawg in him. Called him cupcake and he was ready to whip some *** he as dawg in him. Bring back Daunte. Worrilow tries but no real talent.

I think you should resign your post or be fired. You can no longer be trusted with the future of this team

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Are you related to this guy or what?

It's already been established that he signed where he did because he wanted to face the Broncos twice per year. The guy has two tackles on the year and 6.5 career sacks since 2005. And he is in his 30s. How is that in any way, shape or form helping anything?

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