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Soooooo Has Mike Smith & Co Instilled The Promised "toughness" In The D ?


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To be honest, Micheal Sam is probably a better player than All of our DEs besides osi.

What has Osi done? I didn't even know he was out there. He only had 2 tackles this game. And only 4 all season. That's one tackle a game. 0 sacks. That ain't cutting it.

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What's the least amount of sacks in an NFL season?

See below

The record of 11 sacks in a season by Baltimote in 1982 was a shortened season due to a players strike so only 9 games were played that year and they ended up 0-8-1 for the year so we also have to disregard 2nd one on the list Buffalo 1982 with 12 sacks as that was also in a strike shortened year of 1982

3rd on the list and probably the true record for lowest sacks in a single year since it was played over a full year of games as opoosed to a strike year was the 1981 Baltimore season they only got 13 sacks the whole year ----here is how that year turned out for them http://en.wikipedia....re_Colts_season

The 1981 Baltimore Colts season was the 29th season for the team in the National Football League. The Baltimore Colts finished the National Football League's 1981 season with a record of 2 wins and 14 losses, and finished tied for fourth in the AFC East division with the New England Patriots. However the Colts finished ahead of New England in the AFC East based on head-to-head sweep (2–0). The victories over New England occurred on the first and last games of the season; Baltimore lost 14 games in between victories.

The Colts defense had one of the worst seasons in NFL history, setting records for points (533) and yards (6,793) allowed. (The yardage record was later surpassed by the 2012 New Orleans Saints, who allowed 7,042.) The Colts gave up more than twice as many points as they scored (259). Conversely, the Patriots, with whom they were tied in the AFC East, only gave up 48 more points than they scored. The Colts' pass defense surrendered a staggering 8.19 yards-per-dropback, the most surrendered by any team in NFL history.[1]

The Colts' −274 point differential (points scored vs. points allowed) is the second-worst since the 1970 merger, second only to the 1976 expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who finished 0–14.[2] The 1981 Colts and the 1990 New England Patriots are the only NFL teams since 1940 to have 11 losses in a season in which they never had a lead.[3]

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KB is not NFL Starter quality but OSI makes big$$$ and is supposed to be our DPR, hah. Osi doesn't have it either. It is not on our present roster. Some refuse to come to grips with that??? BUT I feel T. Robertson should be brought off the PS. Give Hageman a chance on the outside please. I'd consider Starr or Smith couldn't do much worse. And Speedy Reedy needs to get some snaps1

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