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Anything But Football Final Rules And Regulations

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Let's make this easy. I promise you that I don't want to be the bad guy in any of this. Neither does Tuggle. I thought we had everything good to go yesterday, but I guess we're still having some issues. One poster pointed out that it's impossible to be a moderator while also being "one of the guys". While I don't think that's always true, I certainly understand where you are coming from. It is my goal to keep this forum alive, while also having the same great discussions that we've had since the beginning.

1. Topics regarding religion and politics are absolutely allowed. Heck, they're encouraged.

2. Do not under any circumstance start a thread specifically regarding another member or moderator. This will not only be deleted, but will lead to a suspension. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or another moderator. I promise that I'll do everything I can to make the situation better.

3. Along with rule number 2, do not start a thread specifically to antagonize or "troll" a member or a select group of members. I feel like that goes without saying, but I might as well include it. Moreover, try and show a minimum amount of respect to each member.

4. Please don't post any Kathy Bates nude hot tub photos from that Jack Nicholson movie.

I'm doing this because the alternative is ABF disappearing for good. I don't want this. I've had a lot of fun times in this forum, and so have the vast majority of you. I'm stepping up in this role because it's literally a last resort. If things can get back to normal in a few days, it'll all be worth it. If not, well at least I tried.

Your friend (even if you hate me),

-Mono the Mormon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.