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This Team Has So Many Issues


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This team is not good. They are the most inconsistent team I can remember.

I never really believed the whole "we can't win on the road" thing.... But I believe it now. We are a completely different team at home. On the road we are worthless.

The issues.

#1 this whole "bigger defense" up the middle is worthless. Jackson and Soliai get pushed around like nothing.

#2 the 3-4 looks we do give are a waste of time. You can't run a 3-4 without big athletic pass rushers that can run.

#3 Kroy is awful. He is just pitiful

#4 Soliai looks lazy, never see him getting a push back

#5 nolan needs fired. This putting dlineman on wide receivers and expecting them to cover is an absolute idiotic move. I've never seen anything like it.

#6 this patchwork o line we are about to move forward with isn't going to be good. This is a replay of last year waiting to happen.

#7 roddy doesn't look right at all, looks slow

#8 antone smith needed more touches. The guy just makes plays.... Always. Problem is with the Oline now after all the injuries it won't matter.

I just hope the Oline injuries aren't too serious. Totally embarrassed as a falcon fan today. No way we should have lost that game today. We should have blew the Vikings out. In reality we got blown out. WAsnt as close as the score even was in my eyes.

Such a painful game to watch today.... Beyond frustrated with this team

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