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Woe Is Us, Woe Is Us


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Look the season isn't over (yet). We have to make some changes like ASAP. Our offense is great! I mean Matt,JJ,RW,HD,and DH when healthy is a nasty group, but you can't just expect them to win and score 30-40 points a game when your defense can't hold a rookie QB to under 40 points. That is near impossible. Our defense is the problem!

TD,Nolan, and Smitty all knew in order to save their behinds they would have to make some moves to make it appear as if they're trying to improve the defense. Sadly they have found a way to make it worse. They signed/drafted a total of 5... I repeat 5 DTs to "improve" our defense. Those signings include Babs,Soliai,Jackson,Hageman,and Peters. Now some of them were good signings like Peter an Soliai, but the rest of them could've been reviewed that way we could spend that much needed money elsewhere! Like signing/drafting a Edge Rusher that is proven in either college or the NFL such as Attachou,Barr,Ealy,Allen,Peppers,Ware,etc. Also it wouldn't have hurt to come away with a good FS like Byrd,Delmas,or one of the many we wanted in the draft.

So now what do we do? First off I want to say one thing about the O... We need to sign Winston from FA. I mean my gosh it is embarrassing to send your best TE onto the field to block, and he does better than Holmes and Carimi combined! That is pitiful. So TD bring him home. Now for the defense. Its obvious we put 0 thought into having a pass rush or we wouldn't have signed 5 DTs to help us out in that department. I mean you can't expect them to be speedy off the edge lugging around 300+lbs of weight, while also doing it effectively every down. Thats just common football knowledge. So what you gotta do is put your best foot forward! By this I mean let Mass an Maponga get some major reps. They have shown the best ability to rush the passer, but y'all insist on letting these big men and Biermann get snaps? CMON MAN! An if it doesn't work out with them at least they are gaining experience to get better in the future.

So Smitty,Nolan,TD,Pioli,and whoever else coaches up the defense I have one thing to say...


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