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Coaches... Not Players


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Guys I've been a fan/player/and coach of football for years. The thing I want to point out is why smitty Nolan and koetter need to go.

When you look at the team we are pretty talented. You have to ask yourself this question. Was the Vikings backup offense enter then our starters on defense. The answer is no. The team was not prepared and that's the coaches job... to make sure the players are well prepared. I thought the last week blow out was taboo. Then I see the bucs go out and play the steelers and win.

How does a team put up 56 pts then give up 41 the next week. Mike smith should've been fired when the other 2 bums walked after the giants playoff game.

I always here that the Seahawks players buy into Pete carol. I don't think the players buy In 2 mike smith.

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