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I've Never Ever Seen Anything Like That.


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We get rolling and go up 28-27 and then the injuries became too much.

We just had to play a TE at RT. Levine held up well but the point is when it gets to that point how in the world can you win a game?

That was a tough one because IMO we needed a hard win on the road to get that confidence back to win road games and when it looked like we were going to overcome our road woes the wheels fell off with the injuries.

Tough tough break.

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I firmly believe that if Julio had somehow hauled in that one long pass when we were up 28-27, we win the game. Hawley went down on the next play, and it all swiftly unraveled from there.

Shoulda, could, woulda though. Not much use in the what-if game.

I agree. That play if connected on could have really put a damper on those fans and that team. But it didn't happen and what came next was just ugly. A TE a RT. You know your having a tough day at that point.

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