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Arthur Blank, You Missed Your Chance And Now Look.....

New Hope Eagle

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you had your chance to FIRE SMitty last year and didnt pull the trigger.

just like your coaches and GM, everyone in this organization is afraid to win.

Since you are the owner, I actually place all the blame on you.

weak owner = weak GM= weak head coach = weak coaches = weak players.

This is an embarrassment and I for one, and I am sure I am not alone, am completely ashamed to be a Falcons fan at this point in time.

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nothron falcons is a plant and most likely a band Wagoner....

....why dont you just go back north and root for the pats when they win again

Haha I'm not the one throwing my team under the bus.

I'm pissed aswell but injuries lost us this game. We scored at will when we had a full o-line. I agree our defence needs work but it's not on smitty.

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I have been a loyal fan since the Falcons came into the league in 1966. My father, my brother and I have had season tickets in Fulton County Stadium and the Dome over this time. Unfortunately, our father died before he could see the falcons finally make it to their first and only Super Bowl appearance which turned out to be another in a long list of embarrassments for their loyal fans. For those who don't know or remember, a proposition for oral sex to an undercover police officer on the night before the big game had a tremendous effect on the outcome of that game. My patience for this franchise has worn extremely thin over the years and quite frankly, I don't think anyone knows what it takes to make this team anything more than a model of inconsistency and today's performance against the Vikings was more evidence of this. Blow out the Tampa 10 days ago and with extra days to prepare, they get blown out today. Although since the hiring of Mike Smith and the acquisition of Matt Ryan, they have shown promise in recent years. I agree that it's probably time for the Mike show to hit the road; first being Mike Nolan. Since taking over the defense nearly three years ago, the Falcon's defense has been more than disappointing and everyone who knows this game knows defense wins championships. I like what Mike Smith has done with the team, but he and Mike Tice don't seem to have the answer either. It has been extremely frustrating to be an Atlanta Falcons fan.

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