Post The Best Thing You've Seen On The Internet Today, Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

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I'd take her to a buffet before I took her to bed. Girl looks like she's dying of starvation. Well, besides her implants...

You're not smashing? Really?


I need to know her name?

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While the above posts trump mine, i found this idea on the interwebs, so i think it applies here. A co-worker who manages our company's cell phone plans calls our desk phones from an old turd cell phone and hangs up when we start to pick up or doesn't say anything when we do pick up. It was funny at first, but has gotten old. So after he did it to me 3 times today, I downloaded "Cat Facts" from the Android app store/Google play, whatever you call it. Basically you have two options. You can either buy credits to have facts about cats sent to someone's cell phone anonymously at certain time intervals (15 minutes to once every 7 days) or go the free route and the cat facts will be sent directly from your number. I signed him up for 100 cat facts at 30 minute intervals. biggrin.png

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