Post The Best Thing You've Seen On The Internet Today, Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

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Peter taking a knee at the end of last nights family guy was great! Going to try that when I stick my foot in my mouth. Just get a football and take a knee... Brilliant!

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Emergency Broadcast
School Closing

Gwinnett County Public Schools will be closed 02/17/2015.

Las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Gwinnett estarán cerradas el 02/17/2015(mes/día/año).

귀넷 카운티 공립학교는 다음 날짜에 휴교합니다 2015/02/17.

Các Trường Công Lập Quận Gwinnett sẽ đóng cửa vào ngày 17/02/2015.

Državne Škole Gwinnett Kantona će bitit zatvorene 17/02/2015.

谷内郡公立学校将在 02/17/2015 关闭。

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