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Julio.......... Mr Jones If Ya Nasty


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We're about to unleash the deep ball. Why? Week 1 we faced Byrd who already has incredible range for a FS, but was playing so deep he literally took himself out of plays. It's why we constantly ate their zone the entire game, they absolutely refused to give up the deep ball to Jones

Week 2 against Cinci's pass rush with our LT out replaced by a guy who hadn't played the position in 3 years trying to protect our franchise QB. Gameplan was short passes

Week 3 we saw the first deep ball connection when we went up 42-0

Expect more in the coming weeks

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just to add to the conversation he already has one more td thru three games this yr than he had in 5 games last yr. dude has upped his game

Not to diminish your point but this entirely the result of protection. Ryan actually has time to scan in the redzone, something he couldn't dream of in 2013

That first TD to julio against the Bucs was a relatively long developing route. 0 chance Ryan has the time to find him last season

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