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The Braves Are Off My Activities List For Summer Of 2015


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I'm posting this on the slight chance that at least 1 person out there feels like me.

If you do not, if you feel like I'm going to the very extreme, fine. You go your way. I'll go

mine. I don't need any attacks and no accusations of bandwagonopoly.

I very easily accepted the disappointments of 2011, 2012 and 2013, because at least they tried.

Sure, they could have done better those times. But they just got beat.

All throughout this season, I kept lowering my expectations and hopes for this team. I finally felt I would be satisfied if they only made it to the 1-game wildcard playoff, win or lose that game.

Finally, as their wretchedness was in full and obvious force, I only wanted them to simply still have a chance at the 2nd wildcard going into the final series. Seems like the baseball gods had set the schedule up perfectly for that to happen, with the Pirates coming here for four big games.

Alas, the Braves lost the second wild card before Pittsburgh even got here! As you all well know.

I just texted a friend (a Pirates fan) and told him that McCutchen has more passion and determination by himself that the entire Braves roster. I know that is not a fair statement. But that's how I feel. Sure, anyone can get excited over a League MVP. But I'd rather see a player like McCutchen over an entire team like the Braves were the second half of this season.

And it's not so much that they played bad. It seems like, as a whole, they just don't care. Something, that we don't know about, is really wrong with that group.

Well, that's my rant. I am putting all those 100+ to 200+ hours next summer that I would have spent watching/paying attention to the Braves, to something else. I need a long break from this team.

Oh, I will watch some major league baseball. But I won’t watch the Braves.And like I said, don't attack me for how I feel. I'll go my way, you go yours!

Thanks for reading.


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I'll probably go to some games because I don't expect to go to many in Cobb. Too hard to get there.

I saw McCutchen in Gwinnett a long time ago. Nobody knew who he was but he caught out attention because of his signature "fly so fast your helmet comes off" move lol

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So disappointing how no one on this team shows any heart, Heyward excluded. We need a real leader because Freeman didn't seem to step up into that role this year.

Tip my hat to the pitching though, for the most part they always gave us a chance

I may have gone to my last game at Turner. It's just not worth the hassle until this team has some heart. I'll go more again when they move to Cobb since it's close I guess

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I've felt that way for a few weeks (if not months) now. Until Fredi is gone, I will be too.

This is exactly how I feel, baring some extreme turnover I will not be willing to shell out the $200+ to get Extra Innings this season (live in VA). I say this now because I'm extremely disappointed in how this team performed these past few months but the Braves have been a part of my Spring/Summer since I was 6 years old so I'll probably knuckle under and go all in again.

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If Gonzalez isn't canned, my wife and I may take our often discussed tour of southern minor league teams. Hopefully watching the D-Braves, M-Braves, and Mudcats can give me hope for the future.

I certainly wouldn't attend an Atlanta Braves game.

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