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Keys To Beet Vikings.


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I think it will be a test for our team. Vikings is not a bad team, whether Peterson and Cassel plays or not, we have to be aware of the ground game and explosive plays. Bridgewater is a scrambler and he can make big plays and don't forget Patterson, I think it would be a good idea, to keep at least 3 LB's most of the game as bartu can easily cover Rudolph.

My biggest fear is our offense. Vikings has already created 7 Sacks compared to our 3.

However, I think that it is a game, we can win, IF Smitty manages to make the team aware of the opponents strengths. He has to make them realize, that it will not be similar to the bucs game.

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the real question is, which Falcons team will show up as it is an away game. Should be a very winnable game for us even as an away game. I just hope that their head isn't too big after that win against the Bucs last Thursday. This game, we will need to focus on the run and stopping it. Their defense is a little scary but, not as good as Cincy's was. All in all, we should walk out of there with another win under our belt.

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I'm pretty sure Rudolph is out..... Sports hernia surgery.

No AP either, of course. Asiata has looked like he's running in mud. Jerrick McKinnon doesn't seem to get a lot of touches.

That leaves Patterson and Jennings, two very, very good weapons. But save for some tricky stuff, with our corners, we should be able to deal with an offense with two good receivers and no running game. We SHOULD be able to hold them to 17 or less.

I think Bridgewater is smarter than your average rookie QB. But a rookie, nonetheless. Aside from the occasional blitz to keep him honest, I think we should generally rush four or five and play coverage. Soliai and company against their run game should get us in plenty of third and longs.

Even with our defense, I can't see their offense consistently driving the field all game. I think we need to maximize the decisions Bridgewater has to make. That maximizes our defensive opportunities.

Offensively, I don't think there's a defense out there that can scheme us. Matty's too smart and our weaponry is too talented.

Our offensive success, and in turn, our team success is reliant on a very basic formula. If our offensive line is not dominated, we will win.

Even more specifically, if our offensive tackles are not dominated, we will have offensive success.

In my estimation, this game boils down to whether Brian Robinson, Everson Griffen, Anthony Barr, and Corey Wooton can have success against Jake Matthews & Lamar Holmes. I'm fairly confident in Lamar holding up, and even moreso Jake.

I say we put up between 27 and 31.

27-17 Falcons

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and you CAN get beets in a can, imagine throwing CANNED beets............

reminds me of an an All In The Family show where Edith had a can of peaches fall out of her grocery bag and dent a car in the parking lot and she said it was because they were the ones 'in heavy syrup'.............do beets come in heavy syrup?

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