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Tennessee At Georgia Week

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...let the hot seat talk begin. There's just no excuse to lose at home to a team that replaces everybody on both lines and has not been to a bowl game in almost five years, no excuses.

You would think that but...nothing will come of it. We'll hear about our injured receivers, the Vols improving, how Pruitt needs three years to get his guys and improve the defense, Mason sucks but Ramsey will be the guy. It'll be something because it's always something. Then we'll lose four games but somehow beat Auburn and Tech and everyone will laugh at how anyone dared to say it was time to move in a different direction. It'd be funny if it wasn't said how much we hold on to three seasons (2012, 2007, 2002) that we came "close" in this long tenure to justify what we see.

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This isn't looking good ..... When will Ga finally say enough is enough and change in coaches . It's funny that Tenrn Florida etc has been down and Ga does nothing and now the rest of the Sec is about to over take them again .

This is my fear. Also, let's not let G. Tech fire Johnson and once again become a relevant player in GA recruiting and be a tough out of conference game every year.

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Did anyone else notice Gurley push away one of the coaches arms on the sideline when he went tonslap his helmet? I think hes getting unhappy about not getting the ball inside the redzone much. I have notice the lack of touches all season long.

Only one time has it not worked. They key on Gurley. It's just smart not to run him up the gut from the 3.

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