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Define Offensive Powerhouse (Tatf Import)


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stole the stats from TATF

you guys wanted stats

well here they are

Atlanta Falcons

Offensive PPG: 1st

Offensive YPG: 1st

Offensive PYPG: 1st

Offensive 3rd Down Conversion %: 1st

Offensive 1st Downs: 5th

Matt Ryan is 2nd in the NFL In pass Yards and Top 5 in every other Passing Category

Julio Jones is 1st in the NFL in Recieving Yards, 3rd in Receptions and TDs

Matt Ryan has more rushing yards than Devonta Freeman with 6 less carries

Matt Ryan has less pass attempts than Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford and Peyton Manning but has more yards than all of them.

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For maybe another week or two.

At least the Saints take their offense with them on road trips. We will see how Atlanta does in Minnesota.

10 days rest, im sure we will, but im not to sure the saints offense travels well 7 regular season road losses in a row Edited by From deion21desmond
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