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Is Matt Ryan Out Playing Drew Brees?

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When will it matter? Week 6, 8, PO?

At the end of the season.

I also realize it would be awfully boring to not talk **** or discuss things until the end of the season and that's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying, after three weeks, none of this truly matters, even if it is all we have to talk about.

Ryan has gotten off to a terrific start. It doesn't surprise me much because I like Ryan as a QB. I've stated it many times here. I'm interested to see how he does when they start playing better defenses with Matthews healthy.

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I disagree.

Nick Foles

978 yards

61.3 comp%

6 TD


He has a whooping 13 more passing yards. I know this breaks RC protocol, but if Ryan kept playing in that Bucs game he would at minimum have 100 more passing yards.

Ryan>> Foles

Brees>> Foles

I agree with this. Right now Ryan has to be one of the leaders in an early MVP race. The only thing that would hurt him against Foles is the teams records.

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I'd say yes, Ryan is outplaying Brees at the current moment. The only difference is Ryan has played and balled out on 2 home games and played really mediocre on a road loss. Similar to Brees' mediocre performances thus far on the road and a pretty decent one at home. We will have a better feel mid-way through the season, though this is looking like a bad year for QBs.

I'd say this is a shocker though, if you look a the list. through 3 weeks, no 3 week starter is putting up >110 passer rating.


Wilson: 108.9

Manning: 108.5

Rivers: 108.3

Ryan: 105.1

Luck: 103.0

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Yes, Ryan is clearly outplaying Brees right now, but more than anything Ryan is getting great contribution from the rest of the offense. The WRs are torching secondaries, the running game is already keeping defenses honest, but the biggest and most important contribution has been the play of the oline. If these trends continue I can see Ryan's play staying at this current level and ascending way beyond it.

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