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I Have Watched This Brees Body Slam 10+ Times… :d


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I saw it and noted the following...

1. The whistle hadn't blown when they tackled brees backwards via a duplex. Lol

2. Then Whistle blows and fired tossed flag

3. Then brees goes after defense guy and pushes etc. but no flag against him.

If the whistle hadn't blown, they have to tackle him. If they don't want QBs tackled then blow the whistle as soon as they are touched or at a minimum in the grasp.

Falcons note. In NFCCG we brush the QBs helmet with a hand and they give them them 1st and goal instead of 4th down.

Then we are in the redzone and they hit Ryan after a pass and drive him into the Ground and no flag.

So much is interpreted by the refs. I honestly believe the refs are affecting game outcome.

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