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Lol At Falcons Fans Claiming Championship At 2-1


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I don't see a championship team in us yet, but our demise was greatly exaggerated. We just need our defense to be adequate, somewhere between 16-20, and the offense can handle the rest as long as we can keep Ryan upright. Going to be an exciting division this year....

I agree wholeheartedly.

The division is not done. It's going to be very interesting the rest of the way.

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Saints Run D wont get much better all yr

you guys got lucky today with no ap

next week you face the NFLs leading Rusher

the close game with us

thats nothing new

whats new is we were down by 13 with 2 min left in the 1/2, then you let us storm back and take it from you in ot....

our teams are going in dif directions

Falcons are getting Better

Saints are getting worse

hope that trend continues lol

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