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this mock is my projection after an 8-8 season which i am predicting.


Justin Houston, DE/OLB - Pioli connection strikes again and we finally adress a terrible pass rush that has been terrible for what feels like 10 years

Orlando Franklin, OT - We need another established presence on the oline, and it clear that we dont know how to draft them. Denver will be more worried about trying to resign Demaryius and Julius Thomas. Franklin at RT will do wonders. Projected oline: Matthews/Blalock/Hawley/Asamoah/Franklin


1: Vic Beasley, DE/OLB Clemson -

first pick looks similar to DB#11's draft, looks like we agree Beasley will be an absolute terror as a pass rusher, TD takes his first pass rusher before the 4th round. Finally. Beasley will be coming into an ideal situation as well. With Houston being brought here in FA, the pass rush weight wont sit exclusively on his shoulders. Him and Houston with a healthy rotation of Mass, Maponga, and Clark (see rd3) will be solid.

2. Christian Covington, DT/DE Rice -

a lesser known player at a small school. watch the video, this guy is an absolute monster. Constantly in the backfield making plays. Him and Hageman will be a young nucleus of this d-line. can play 5-tech and 3-tech. Need an overhaul of talent on the line, thats what this draft is for.

3. Frank Clark, DE/OLB Michigan -

maybe just wishful thinking that we go 3 d-line picks in a row but we need it, especially with Osi and Kroy FA that will (hopefully) be leaving after this year.Clark is one of my favorite players in this draft hands down. High motor type rusher, big body LE kind of guy. Stans out to me on film.

4. Clive Walford, TE Miami -

another one of my favorite prospects. Walford is a mismatch as a receiver and a horse as a run blocker. Him and Toilolo will make a good TE group.

5. John Miller, G Louisville - Big physical Guard that offers solid depth to our oline that never stays healthy.

6. Jared Roberts, K Colorado State - i dont really know enough about the prospects yet to get nice with these late round picks lol. but matt bryant is old? idk

7. Julian Wilson, Cb Oklahoma - special teams type of guy. big long dude that can be an ace

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A few things:

You didn't address our run game.

Your pass rushing additions are an over reaction. We need one, maybe two, tops.

Franklin isn't an OT. Denver moved him to LG, b/c he struggles on an island.

I don't get the idea that we need to address the running game this offseason idea, like we need to pick up another running back when we use 4 right now. Just don't understand the theory with that. And if we had more talent on D then the one maybe 2 theory would be more relevant. I think he has the right idea, he's taking 3 guys a good number to me, yeah they have the "pass rush" label, but that's not the only thing they can do. All 3 are very versatile players. If we had a stronger team on that side then yeah one maybe 2 would do it, but that's not the case.

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