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What If Panthers Cut Greg Hardy? Would You, Mr. Falcon, Sell Your Soul For A Pass Rusher?


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Obviously Greg Hardy has some baggage right now at a time where the NFL has a serious image problem. While Ray Rice, Adrien Peterson and Greg Hardy all likely deserve punishment coming there way - we know Rice does - the "gotcha PC" media culture that we live in now I find distasteful as well. All these guys will suffer both financially and in the court of public opinion - as they should - but when I hear media types and advocates say "Ray Rice should NEVER play in the NFL again", etc. - I find that disgusting as well.

Back to Greg Hardy. He is on a franchise tag right now and likely won't be re-signed at year's end. He is prototypical passrusher and he has tremendous size, strength, speed - and most importantly, production. Obviously, with his legal issues we know Hardy is no choir boy either but I don't know if he will be found guilty of anything other than a firearms charge at this point. I know he has a little bit of an odd duck personality as well.which caused him to drop in the NFL draft.

If Greg Hardy was cut this year or hit free agency next year - would you pursue him? Knowing what I know now and granted, I do not know much on his legal situation - I say....YES.

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Not this season. There is a movement/revolution whatever you want to call it happening in sports right now. These guys are PR nightmares and even though winning means money, these owners aren't going to want to deal with all of the ####### that entails having them on the team. It will probably still be a different standard for super stars v regular Joes (see Dwyer, they immediately shut his *** down for the year, but would they have done the same for Fitzgerald?).

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I would be okay with it because he is a very good pass rusher.

He could be going to jail for a good while though if he loses his retrial, which is the biggest concern.

I also wonder how well wired he is mentally because he does seem a bit crazy. Not John Randle or Kevin Greene type of crazy, more like mentally f***ed up type of crazy.

Don't see it ever happening under the Falcons.

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