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Got Nothing Bad To Say This Week


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All week I have been talking about how bad the Falcons play was against the Bengals and I was on the "FIRE EVERYBODY" bandwagon. Not saying I am off it but man, I am not there right now I can say that for sure. I thought I would man up and take my lumps since this is exactly the team I have been hoping we would see for years.

Koetter did an excellent job letting Matt control the game and airing the ball down the field while sprinkling in the run instead of the other way around. Mike Smith finally put his conservative ways behind him and just let us tee off on that team. Nolan had a great game plan and he mixed up the defense moving Both LB'ers and having Mass start I thought that worked well. I as not in favor of the 2 lb setup. As for the players, everyone of them played great, Mathews should be MVP for the season already because we see the difference when he is and when he is not in the game and to me he is just as important as Ryan being in the game.

Now the only negative thing I can finally say and actually this one is disappointing, I have been calling for Freeman and Smith to get more touches and they both fumbled. Freeman gave up a sack which was really upsetting cause now we know why he can't be a starter yet. Oh and of course my defense of Kroy..... I don't have one. The young guys played great.

I will emphasize that yes it was the Bucs, but no one else put up 56 points against them and I would like to see this continue. If we see this against decent teams and not dumpster fires then we know it's the Falcons putting in work more than just playing a bad team. So we dont and wont beat the Seattles and the Broncos by 42 points, but next time we play good teams, lets show that we are prepared for the game. Oh, before I forget, I can defend Kroy on one thing. Mass's sack was a free rush where no one even stood in front of him. So it wasn't a beast performance by Mass but at the same time the team looked more physical with the younger guys in it.

Sorry for rambling I just have been talking **** all week and felt it was appropriate to say something nice when the team deserves it. And they do. BTW.... I love Hester! Go Falcons. BTW Tuggle if you have to move it by all means. Just had to say this and I only come to this forum.

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I'm still concerned fwiw. Biermann still had the 2nd most snaps at LB behind Worrilow even though - EVEN AGAINST THIS FREAKING TAMPA BAY TEAM - he was WORTHLESS.

I'm SUPER DUPER HAPPY about this win. But I won't be SUPER DUPER HAPPY with this TEAM until Biermann gets relegated.

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