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What Teams To Root For On Week 3


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Since the falcons dont play on Sunday or Monday here are the teams Falcons fans should root for and why.

Obvious/Most Important

Vikings over the Aints (nothing would be better than seeing the Aints start 0-3)

Steelers over the Panties(dont want the Panties to get off on a 3-0 start)

Other ones

Deadskins over the Eagles(Again dont want the Eagles to go 3-0 in the NFC but I dont think the deadskins will though).

Broncos over the Seahawks (Seahawks would go to 1-2, but both their losses would occur to AFC teams)

Jets Over the Bears(keep the Bears behind us in the standing if we happen to compete for a wild card spot)

Toss ups

Lions over the Packers(Lions more likely to falters a good start than the Packers and much better playoff matchup possibly)

Cardinals over the 49ers(yes the cards would go 3-0, but they are more likely to falter than the Seahawks and 49ers and much better playoff matchup possibly).

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