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Bierman's Performance Thurs


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Mass and mopanga need to see the field more than kroy

Atleast they can get to the qb.

That's kinda what I've been thinking even before last night's game. Don't get me wrong I like our coaching staff but if our RB corp has taught us anything it's that our coaches aren't the greatest in recognizing talent further back in the depth chart. Most of us completely forgot Antoine was even on the team last year until he started busting long runs late in the season. How do we know we don't have pass rushers if we never really give them a chance to play?

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I saw him on the pass break up and was impressed,he stayed with his man step for step,that was an accomplishment for a big man,and one coming off such a devistating injury,let's see how /if he progresses.It may be a mental thing,just needs his confidence back.He is getting some competition so it may push him to do better.getting sacks last night has to have broken the mental barrier for the defense,I KNOW we will see more in the next game(s).

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