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Player Cut By Bucs Laugh As They Lose By 50-Plus


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Player cut by Bucs laugh as they lose by 50-plus

What's worse than being on a team losing 56-0?

Realizing you got cut by a team that's losing 56-0:

This who I got cut from?— IG: ahmadblack3535

Ahmad got cut last year, but, still. At least he knows they couldn't be doing any worse than if he were there. Continue

Updated more tweets!

It was a pretty brutal Thursday Night Football showing for the Tampa Bay Bucs, who were down 56-0 to the Atlanta Falcons with 11 minutes left in the fourth quarter before getting two garbage time touchdowns for a 56-14 final.

While their fans had plenty to say on Twitter about the massive primetime stinkbomb, a few former players weighed in as well.

Former quarterback Shaun King was already complaining early in the first quarter.

Never been more embarrassed to be at a game than now

— shaun king (@realshaunking)

Hall of Fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp used the beating as an opportunity to remind Falcons fans that their team has never won a Super Bowl.

My view ATL fans!

— Warren Sapp (@WarrenSapp)

Even paralyzed former Rutgers player Eric LeGrand, who signed a symbolic free agent contract with the team in 2012, had a laugh at their expense.

Y'all need me to suit up Bucs???

— Eric LeGrand (@EricLeGrand52)

But the best reaction probably came from former safety Ahmad Black, who was released by the team last October.

This who I got cut from?

— IG: ahmadblack3535 (@ahmadblack35)

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:lol: My god. Still one of the worst implosions I have ever seen in my life.

2 minutes into that game, I heard the Benny Hill theme song in my head everytime I looked at a Bucs player, any Bucs player.

Seriously... rewatch that game... pay close attention to the Bucs and then play this song on repeat.

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