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I Have Officially Become A Fan Of Harry Douglas.


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Had to back him up so many times on this board.

He doesn't score TD's (as if slot WRs on a team where that WR is like the 4th option scores a lot of TD's)

He has bad hands (dropped 1 pass in the 2012 season)

He isn't clutch

He doesn't catch 1st downs

His yardage in 2013 were "empty yards" (lol @ that garbage excuse)

He is overpaid (somewhat credible point)

Excited to see what else he can do with no Gonzo in this offense. Hope his injury isn't anything serious.

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I think Harry's importance to team chemistry outweighs his play sometimes. He's a big factor in cohesiveness. He leads the pre-game huddle. He's selfless as a blocker.

That being said, his mistakes are maddening sometimes and often appear at key times. I also think Hester is far and away a better slot receiver option already.

Still, get well HD. We need ya.

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